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[A Call from the Dardanelles (1915)]

Bookcase 29 (Bach):
Australian & NZ Literature
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  • [1] New Zealand Literature (Outsize)
  • [2] New Zealand Literature
  • [3] New Zealand Literature (cont.)
  • [4] New Zealand Literature (cont.)
  • [5] Australian Literature
  • [6] Australian Literature (cont.)
  • [7] Archaeology & Exploration
[partition ii] Bach & Mozart

[Avis Acres: Hutu & Kawa Find an Island (1957)]

Shelf 1:
[New Zealand Literature (Outsize)]

    [partition i]:
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  68. [partition ii]:

  69. EMO (2008).

  70. The Puppet Oresteia (2008).

  71. Kingdom of Alt (2009).

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  73. NZSF (2009- ):
    • Harrison, Craig. The Quiet Earth. Auckland: Hodder & Stoughton, 1981.
    • Harrison, Craig. Days of Starlight. Auckland: Hodder & Stoughton, 1988.

  74. Work in Progress (miscellaneous):

    • The Return of the Vanishing New Zealander (1997-2006)
    • London Underground photos / Lisa Lashes.
    • Richard E. Strassberg. Inscribed Landscapes: Travel Writing from Imperial China.
    • Tiger Country photos.
    • Graffiti.
    • Translations: Stalin Ode (Mandel’stam) / Christ on the Cross (Borges)
    • Gabriel White: Tongdo Fantasia (2004-2006)
    • Nicolas Kurtovich. Le piéton du dharma.
    • Ahmed Zaoui. Migrant Birds: 24 Contemplations (2005)
    • Jeanne Tripier texts (2001)
    • Anna Rugis. Roadworks & Cross-sections (2006)
    • Papyri (2007)
    • Ovid in Otherworld (2006)
    • Poems for Florence 08 (2008)
    • Before the Catastrophe (2008)
    • The Puppet Oresteia (2008)
    • Montale’s Eel (2008).

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  76. Accounts (1998-2009).

[NZSA Conference (1999)]

Shelf 2:
[New Zealand Literature]

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[Abuse (2009)]

Shelf 3:
[New Zealand Literature] (cont.)

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