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A Call from the Dardanelles (1915)

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Australian & Travel Literature
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[1] Dictionaries & Reference (Outsize)
[2] Australian Literature
[3] Australian Literature (cont.)
[4] Travel & Exploration
[5] Travel & Exploration (cont.)
[6] Travel & Exploration (cont.)
[7] Travel & Exploration (cont.)

David Buisseret, ed.: The Oxford Companion to World Exploration (2007)

Shelf 1:
[Dictionaries & Reference (Outsize)]

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Shelf 2:
[Australian Literature]

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Peter Weir, dir.: Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

Shelf 3:
[Australian Literature] (cont.)

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Leslie Alcock: Arthur's Britain (1970)

Shelf 4:
[Travel & Exploration]

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Shelf 5:
[Travel & Exploration] (cont.)

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